Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work – Q1 | ’23

The Rihanna classic is my life right now. Here’s why.

By: Lisa Hurley

It’s my first quarterly roundup of 2023, and I must say: life is improving. Thankfully. 

Last year was definitely the most traumatic year of my life, and although some of it has seeped into this year, overall things are better. I’m so grateful to people like Lola Bakare, Kelly Fuller, Daniel Greenbaum, Ann Matthew, Latrice Torres, and my mom  (🥹🤗) for helping me navigate, and frankly survive, the shenanigans.

As I mentioned in my Q4 roundup from last year, one of my major goals for this year is to do less. It is necessary for my mental health. So I’m still saying no to “opportunities,” or as I call them faux-portunities, that do not serve my highest good. Anybody reading these words, consider this a PSA: I will not be participating in any ventures unless they are, in the words of Alexis Mobley, “bi-directional and mutually beneficial.”

The great thing is I did soooo much last year, that I have entered into a blissful season of harvesting the fruit of the seeds I planted. I’m doing less, but still remaining visible. So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to so far:


LinkedIn Live with Mita Mallick: Free Is Cancelled

Did another LinkedIn Live event with my friend Mita Mallick. The topic was Free Is Cancelled, the sequel, lol. (We had done one of these last year, and people asked for another session!) We are determined to help educate and empower people, especially Black and Brown folks, to know their worth and demand to be paid equitably.


Press: Quoted in Forbes by Janice Gassam Asare

Was honored to contribute my thoughts on anti-Blackness in DEI in an article written by Janice Gassam Asare, author of the soon-to-be-released book: Decentering Whiteness in the Workplace. Read the full article, “4 Ways Anti-Blackness Shows Up In DEI” and be sure to follow Janice on LinkedIn..




Honors: I made the G List!

Delighted to be included on Hush Loudly’s list of Gamechangers: Introverts to Watch in 2023, along with noted introverts like:

Panel: Introverting While Black, hosted by Jeri Bingham

Also as part of Black Introvert Week, I participated in a panel hosted by Jeri called Introverting While Black. It was so much fun!! Wayyyy back in 2020 The Introvert Sisters podcast did an episode (our 10th, actually!) called Introverting While Black: It’s a Struggle. It was great to revisit that topic with introverts whom I respect and admire.



This is burying the lede a little, but in major, MAJOR news, The Introvert Sisters podcast won a silver Anthem Award!! Big tings a gwan!! It’s a huge achievement, especially being from a tiny country like Barbados.

Press: Interviewed by CBC/Mornin’ Barbados

In related news, I was interviewed by Barbados’ national TV channel! There is nothing as good as getting press in/from your home country. Honored to have been interviewed by CBC (Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation) about my Anthem Award win. Thanks to Wendy Burke for doing the interview, and to everyone who contributed to helping this come to fruition. 



Feature: Cross-Cultural Bridges – Ellen Wagner

Ellen is one of the first people I interviewed for Real Talk on Racism, so it was my pleasure to be interviewed in turn for her company’s Black History Month series




Press: Quoted in Entrepreneur by Mita Mallick

Honored to lend my voice to an article by Mita Mallick on how leaders can be active allies to Black people during and after Black History Month. Read the full article, “Here’s the Biggest Way You Can Show Up for the Black Community Beyond Black History Month” and be sure to follow Mita on LinkedIn.


Interview: Spoke with Lola Bakare about Responsible Marketing

Lola Bakare is one of my favorite people on LinkedIn. She’s brilliant, hilarious, and always keen to engage in discourse on difficult topics. I had interviewed her for an episode of Real Talk on Racism, and was honored when she asked to interview me for her upcoming book Responsible Marketing: Creating An Authentic & Inclusive Marketing Strategy. Take a look at our discussion, and of course pre-order your copy of Responsible Marketing now. 

Honors: Top 20 Entrepreneurs to follow on LinkedIn in 2023

Finished Black History Month strong by being featured as an Entrepreneur to Follow by Black-owned publication The Business Anecdote. It was a wonderful surprise, and I’m very thankful. 




Press: Featured in Barbados Today

This one really made me a bit verklempt!! I was featured in Barbados Today as An Extraordinary Barbadian!! There’s nothing quite like getting one’s flowers from “back home.” 💐💙 Grateful to Barbados Today and Michael Rudder for this amazing opportunity!! 🙏🏾 As I said in the post I wrote about it on LinkedIn, There is a time to sow, and a time to reap. Very grateful to be in my reaping season. 😭🙏🏾 To see the live article, click this link and scroll forward to page 16. 

Honors: Good Ripple Top 20 Changemakers to Watch

Honored to be included on Good Ripple’s list of 20 Changemakers to watch!! Thanks to Carlos Terol and the Good Ripple team, and congrats to everyone on the list! 😊🙌🏾🎊🙏🏾Great to be featured along with some of my faves, including Madison Butler and Mita Mallick.

Glow Up: For(bes) The Culture

What a way to end the quarter!! I applied toFor(bes) The Culture and was accepted! I was shocked, cause it literally happened in a few days! Grateful and honored! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🥹🥹 😊

For(bes) The Culture (FTC) is a society of Black Excellence whose mission is to  create equitable pathways for E(lit)e Black and Brown professionals. It is a hub for elite leaders of color who are breaking down barriers and impacting culture globally to connect, collaborate and change. 

FTC provides a platform that fosters professional development, social consciousness, civic engagement, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, social and cultural outings, personal and professional workshops and seminars, mentoring, tutoring and networking.

Soooo yeah…that was a LOT, but I’m feeling hashtag blessed, lolol. It’s so important to take time to celebrate one’s wins. The biggest win of all is that most of this is the result of work I put in months ago, so I’m more relaxed and less taxed. I’m loving this season of abundance and ease–and wishing you the same. See you in June for the Q2 update!



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  1. Alexis says:

    You deserve ALL the good things. I wish you a continued meteoric rise.

    1. Thanks so much, Alexis!! I truly appreciate your support.

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