Why I Love Podcasting

Soooo…it turns out that I’m a podcaster, lol. I say “turns out,” because getting into podcasting had not originally been my plan, but I’m SO GLAD that I took a risk and started it. I enjoy it so much that I have not one, but two podcasts. Here’s what I love about it:


Life, especially right now, can be heavy. We are all dealing with a lot. Podcasting gives me something lighthearted to focus on. Whether on the mic or behind the scenes, my co-hosts and I spend a lot of time laughing, bonding, and letting off steam. It’s a form of self-care.


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As a writer for hire, I am subject to “The Committee.”  You know The Committee: The people who give feedback like “make it pop,” and have final say over what you write and how you write it. That feeling that someone else is controlling your voice can be…confining. Podcasting gives me an outlet to focus on issues that matter to me, and discuss them in my authentic voice. 


Doing something meaningful is important to living a balanced life. My podcasts are a way to elevate and amplify communities I care about. The Introvert Sisters podcast creates a safe space for the introverted community of color, and The Tea on Tap builds a bridge to the textured hair community. Goal is to be a good ancestor. 🙂

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