Want More Prosperity? Use This Mantra.

Repeat this affirmation to help yourself vibrate higher – and more abundantly – all year long.

As an activist, I love what I do,  but it can (and did) definitely lead to burnout. So for the last year or so, I’ve become active on TikTok, as a form of stress relief. (I initially avoided the clock app because I thought it wasn’t for me, but I’ve actually come to love it.)

On Tik Tok I don’t post any anti-racism content at all. Instead, I share affirmations to help myself and others focus on, and manifest, the positive.

As we close out the 3rd quarter, the affirmation that I’m sharing here speaks to the energy that I’m calling in for the rest of 2022–and beyond.

🙏🏾 We’re calling in Divinely sent opportunities that come to perfect fruition.

🙏🏾 We’re calling in more income for less work.

🙏🏾 We’re calling in life/work balance – in that order.

🙏🏾 We’re calling in sweet, sweet success.

🙏🏾 We’re calling in a soft, abundant life.

I wish this for myself, and for you too ❤️🙏🏾


Today’s affirmation. Repeat three times: Everywhere I go, I prosper, and everything I do succeeds. Namaste 🙏🏾 #affirmationswithlisa #todaysaffirmation #repeatthreetimes #ShareTheMagic #PawlidayPics #affirmations #speakitintoexistence #loa #lawofattraction #thekybalion #reikimaster #blacktok #77777

♬ Emotional Piano for the Soul (Inspirational Background Music) – Fearless Motivation Instrumentals

Today’s affirmation. Repeat 3 times:

“Everywhere I go I prosper, and everything I do succeeds.” 🙏🏾

Everywhere I go I prosper, and everything I do succeeds.” 🙏🏾

Everywhere I go I prosper, and everything I do succeeds.” 🙏🏾

Namaste.  🙏🏾

The goal is to vibrate higher, attract better, and keep this same energy all day, every day.

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