Vote For My SXSW Panel!

With your help, The Great Exhale will be going to SXSW!

Vote for us here 👉🏾 

I’m super-excited, because I just got the news that The Great Exhale‘s proposed SXSW panel has made it through to the community voting round!! 😁🙌🏾💃🏾 This is big for me, cause for years, I’ve had SXSW in my sights as a bucket list item, and I finally actually did something about it! Our panel will be hosted by me and our Executive Director, Latrice Torres.

Our proposed panel topic is “The Joy Of Fitting In: Why Black Women Need Safe Spaces.”

Attendees will:

✅ Discover 6 reasons why Black women need safe spaces.

✅ Explore 3 strategies to support Black women in ways that create psychological safety.

✅ Learn 1 reason why keeping Black women safe increases the safety of other marginalized groups.

Sooooo…y’all know what’s coming next: vote for our panel to be selected for next year’s SXSW.

Community voting starts today, 08/08, and lasts until Sunday 08/20.

You can vote for us here 👉🏾 

Let’s goooooo!! 😁🎊🙌🏾🗳💃🏾

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