The Great Exhale

The Great Exhale is a private membership community built exclusively to center Black women. It is a soft space designed for us to collectively relax, lay our burdens down—and exhale. The goal is for us all to manifest lives filled with joy, ease, and abundance. 🙏🏾

If you are a Black woman who wants to:

💚 Enjoy community with a supportive sisterhood…

💚 Embrace ease and divest from overwork…

💚 Liberate yourself from code switching…

💚 Be as excellent or as average as you choose…

💚 Experience greater psychological safety…

💚 Share your stories with like-experienced™ people…

💚 Be seen and validated by folks who understand…

💚 Live a softer, happier, more fulfilling life…

…then The Great Exhale is for YOU. Membership starts at $40/month.  Join us.

What To Expect

The Great Exhale movement is grounded in the principles of umoja and ujima – building community and maintaining unity. Members will benefit from:

Community Support:

Connect with a nurturing community of like-minded women. You are not alone.

Exclusive Resources: 

Access bespoke courses, events, and learning journeys to support you on your path towards a softer, happier life.

Empowerment & Motivation:

Enjoy uplifting content to keep you inspired, centered, and focused.

Soft Networking: 

Build authentic connections. The Great Exhale is not specifically a networking space, but being in community with each other will organically birth opportunities for partnership in a low-pressure environment.

Member-led IRL Meetups: 

Take the good virtual vibes into the real world with your new community of friends.

The Collective Breath™: 

Participate in virtual live community chats with the Leadership Team.

Minding Our Black Business™:

Promote your products & services. Let’s circulate the Black Dollar.

Join today:

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