The Great Exhale Has a Brand New Logo!

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, and we’re feeling good.

The Great Exhale™ is growing up, y’all! Very excited that two months after our official launch we will also have an official new logo and brand identity! This is a great day in the life of this new entrepreneur.

Want to see what it looks like inside the community? Join us

We Love Our Greens

(And our browns!)


Our new logo is designed with a soft, sophisticated color palette, grounded in peaceful shades of green, to inspire meditative calm. #Namaste


Our new visual brand language also includes:

  • Our bespoke Exhale logo font. 
  • A distinctive brand mark: the Exhale “e” and ellipsis.
  • A modern typeface that easily integrates into a variety of settings.
  • A wordmark with a dark-to-light gradient to visually represent the act of exhaling.
  • Shades of brown to evoke melanin, comfort, and a connection to the earth.

We’re so proud of our new look and feel, and we couldn’t be happier with the excellent work of our uber-talented designer, Rose Reynolds. Just take a look at our dreamy mood board above!

Meet The Dream Team

The redesign was absolutely a team effort, led by yours truly, and our Executive Director, Latrice Torres. As I mentioned, the designer behind the magic is FIT alum Rose Reynolds, Creative Director of graphic design firm Rose Reynolds & Co. Rose and I worked together several years ago when she was early in her career, and I was blown away by her talent even then. I always vowed that if I ever got the chance to hire her in any capacity, I would. And here we are.

Let’s Give Rose Her Flowers

Rose knocked this project out of the park on her first try. Those of you who are not new to the game know that that is extremely unusual. #TeamTGE made a couple of tweaks, mainly to the color, but essentially the logo you’re seeing now is the same one from the very first presentation that Rose made. Let’s give Rose her flowers, because she did an exemplary job. If you’re in the market for a graphic designer with talent, vision, and the ability to execute to brief: Rose is your girl

But Wait, There’s More!

New Website, Instagram, and Store

In addition to launching our new logo, today we’re also launching our new website, Instagram account, blog, and online store. Speaking of which: head over to our store now, cause we have lots of merch and goodies available. Naturally, they’ll be featuring our cool new brand mark.

Check Out Our New Site

That’s it for now, folks. I’m taking a moment to celebrate this milestone. It’s a very, very good day. I’m clapping for myself, Rose, and of course my friend and partner Latrice Torres for all we’ve accomplished. It’s looking like #BlackJoy and #BlackExcellence to me.

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