#SoIWroteAPoem: Try Again

Though I wrote this poem some time ago, it pretty much captures how I’m feeling after last week. Chadwick Boseman, Jacob Blake, and the general ongoing cf that is 2020. It’s a lot. Overwhelming, in fact. But…one must keep pushing through. So for today, I rest. And tomorrow, I try again.

Try Again

Right now

I am shallow-breathing

That’s about that all I have left…



All that I have left

In the empty well inside myself

Is a shred of breath.


Everything else

Vacuumed out of my veins like a reverse transfusion


By love

And by the loss thereof


And I do not have the strength to put any of it back


Blood, Pollack-like, spatters in slow motion on the

Tattered canvas of my life

But by fate, by grace,

There’s still one 

Determined, stubborn crimson drop

Left behind


Like a survivor of Katrina, she waits…

She waits bowed, and crouched, and huddled inside.


She will not give up the fight.

She will not give up the fight.

She will not abandon ship or leave her home.


She and my breath unite.


They join hands, and looking at each other, ask:


“Shall we try again?”

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  1. Kathleen Hurley says:

    So very poignant!

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