I’m Officially A TV Host!

Ya girl is on TV for real, hosting Real Talk On Racism

“Lisa, you’ve got *broad shoulders*, queen! Is there anything that you are not doing?”

This was one of the comments on a recent LinkedIn post of mine, and it kind of made me chuckle. 

Another question that I’ve been getting a lot of late is “Do you have a full time job? HOW??” And my answer is: I have no idea!! #SendHelp 😅

It’s a lot! My side hustles have side hustles. 😂 

In addition to my 9-5, I co-host The Introvert Sisters podcast, write almost daily on LinkedIn, post daily affirmations on TikTok, guest speak on various podcasts (like this, this, and this), and recently launched a LinkedIn Live series with Abi Adamson called Qweens of Candour. Oh, and try, not very successfully, to maintain my Instagram and my blog. 😂

And in addition to all that, this year I started my TV journey as a host and producer of Real Talk on Racism!! Big tings a gwaan!! 

I’ve been so busy (see above) that I’m only now getting around to posting about it. But better late than never. It’s a huge moment in my life, and it deserves to be treated as such. Big ups and gratitude to Russ Terry, Senior Executive Producer, for “seeing” me and bringing me on to the team. Becoming a TV Host was never on my bingo card, but I’m soooo glad it happened. Proud, as always, to represent my family, and my country Barbados. 

Since joining, not only have I interviewed Ashanti Martin, Ellen Wagner, and Sharon Hurley Hall, but I’ve also launched the RTOR LinkedIn page and YouTube channel. We official!! 😄🙌🏾

Season 1 of RTOR has come to a close and we’re gearing up for Season 2. We have some amazing guests lined up for you, including:

In the meantime, catch up on my first 3 episodes, and I’ll see you soon. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe! 😄🙏🏾


About Real Talk on Racism

Helping to dismantle racism, one conversation at a time

Real Talk on Racism (RTOR) is a bi-weekly public affairs TV show that focuses on amplifying the voices and highlighting the experiences of people and communities of color. It is hosted by Russ Terry, Lisa Hurley, and Renai Ellison. RTOR  airs every other week on Wednesdays 7 p.m. ET and Sundays 1 p.m. ET. on CNJN. To watch live, go to https://cnjn.org/watch-live/, or watch anytime on YouTube.

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