Healing isn’t linear

Healing isn’t linear.
Sometimes amazing progress is followed by heartbreaking setbacks.
Sometimes instead of one day at a time, you have to take it one moment at a time.


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What I have found on my own healing journey is that the key is to:

—Give yourself permission to do what you can—and not an iota more. Another day another dollar. Pushing yourself beyond what your body is capable of could set you back for a long time.

—Unplug. Go screen-free, and give your mind and senses a break.

—Say no, and stick to it.

—Get comfortable with “disappointing” people. The ones who are really there for you will understand and support your self-care.

—Balance the effort and struggle with the energy of surrender. In other words, keep pushing, keep striving, but in moderation. Some days all you’ll barely be able to move, and you’ll become one with your bed or couch. And that’s ok.

— Be gentle with yourself. Bless yourself with the same grace, latitude, and forgiveness that you so easily extend to others. You deserve it.

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