#blackoutTuesday: was your black square performative?

Was it purely performative? A post and delete? An attempt to “be a part of the conversation”? 🙄 Or was it for real? Do you have a plan that goes beyond a post? What does your leadership team look like? Who are you sourcing your products from? Who is pictured and promoted on your feed and your site? Are y’all still using all those blackfishing models?👀


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Are you doing any active anti-racism work? Are you educating yourself and your team on the subject? Have you donated or will you be donating to anti-racist movements and organizations? To bail funds? Are you supporting your employees of color – if you have any👀 – with mental health resources? Will you be donating a portion of your profits towards that on an ongoing basis? We have questions. We demand accountability. We will be checking and re-allocating the black dollar accordingly. ✊🏾✊🏾

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